The Story of Federici

The Federici Bistro gets its name from the friendly ghost that resides at the Princess Theatre. Every Opening Night a seat is left empty for him in the Dress Circle and it is considered very good luck if there is a sighting of him on that night.

On March 3rd, 1888 the Italian-born English actor, Frederick Baker (stage name ‘Federici’) suffered a heart attack and died during his final exit whilst playing Mephistopheles in the opera “Faust” at the Princess Theatre.

Federici’s ghost, in full evening dress has been sighted on numerous occasions late at night sitting in the Dress Circle, particularly during dress rehearsals. On one occasion the same man, visible in the moonlight from an open overhead hatch, was seen standing centre stage arms raised and looking out to the nonexistent audience.

Federici is now an important part of the rich historic fabric of the theatre and to this day on every opening night, a seat is left empty for him and it is a sign of good luck if he joins them on that night.